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Sessions by Appointment Only


30-60 minute options (30 minutes is not offered on 1st time appointments)

A healing session includes a full hour of Reiki ‘hands on healing’ with intuitively selected crystals placed on the body to suit each client together with a full Aura Cleanse and Chakra Balancing.

Treatment as stated above includes:

  • Aura Repair Repairing defects – specific aura damage due to prolonged stress, illness or emotional trauma, releasing etheric cords and negative energy.
  • Chakra Balancing Specific treatment of balancing each of the main seven chakras individually so that they are open and energized, bright in color, and equal in size.



The 90-minute session follows the same format as the 1-hour session with the addition, halfway through the session you will be asked to lay on your stomach and the chakras will be treated in a similar format as on the front.



Crystal will be placed on your body designed for your specific intention. Crystal grids and sound healing to facilitate in chakra balancing.

Spiritual Healing is a holistic form of healing where the healer acts as a channel for universal energy to be passed to the recipient, enabling them to recover from disease and difficulties by accessing  their own natural healing energies.

As with Crystal Healing Spiritual Healing can help with many conditions both physical and mental and works at a subtle and deep level and sometimes in an unexpected way. You may not notice any change for a few days, or you could experience benefit straight away. You may experience an emotional release. Everyone is different.

Spiritual Healing is about restoring balance and  well being into your life, coping with illness and other problems. It can be very helpful if you have a major crisis in your life.
If you are well it also helps to maintain general emotional well being optimism and strength.

One session of healing can be enough to help but generally, a number of sessions are needed to enable you to relax and experience the full benefit of this lovely healing energy.

CRYSTAL GRID FACIAL ($55 or $25 as an addon to a Crystal Reiki Healing Session.)

connecting with crystal energy, and using them in a facial grid is both effective and fun. Using crystals in a “grid” is based on the fact that these natural specimens each have their own unique energy that we can align with vibrationally. When placed together in a sacred-geometry-based grid formation, we allow the crystals’ energies to work together in harmony — which makes them even more powerful. Crystals will be used on your face to gently stimulate cell renewal in your face, tighten the muscles and calm the neurological system. Crystal Grid Facials can also be combined with other services. The benefits of a Crystal Grid facial are:

  •  Deep relaxation
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Activation of the acupressure points in the face
  • Skin purification
  • Healthy, younger-looking skin
  • A positive attitude towards the aging process
  • A balanced mind and body
  • Aids acne, scar tissue, moles, teeth, gums, and sinus problems
  • Aids the health of the focus of the eye



People who practice Reiki understand that pain and illness in the body are exemplified by blocked energy (life force, chi, prana) pathways called Chakras, Meridians and Nadis. Certain factors such as stress, illness, depression, grief, loss, anxiety, and dis-ease within the body diminishes the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body. The goal of Reiki treatments is to strengthen the flow of energy through these blocked or disturbed pathways, thus decreasing pain and enhancing the body’s natural ability to fight illnesses and heal itself.


A distance healing is a treatment that is practiced when the recipient is not physically present and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer. Distance healing allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness. Distance healing works on the premise that there is no past, no present, no future, bringing all time into the ‘NOW’

Reiki Master/Teachers, like myself, or Second degree Reiki Practitioners learn and receive sacred symbols, one of which is the ‘distance symbol.’ When invoked and used by a Reiki Master/Teacher or Reiki practitioner, this symbol allows the practitioner to send healing Reiki energy across time and space.

This symbol can also be used in-person to help clear blockages from the past, or across large parts of the body. Similarly, it can be used to cleanse neighbourhoods or geographic places, even healing situations/events from the past. When practicing Reiki on someone who is not physically present, the Distance Healing symbol is used to connect to his or her energy.

Distance Reiki works according to the quantum world we live in, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. As such, invoking universal energy during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link an object/photo to the energy field of the recipient.

Whether you are present during a Reiki session or at a distance, Reiki will automatically go to the part of you that is needed the most, as it works on all levels; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The Distance Healing Symbol used during the treatments can allow the receiver to see new choices and actions to promote their own health and overall well-being.



Cutting Energy Cords For Creating New Space

When we enter into relationship with someone, whether it is with family, friend, intimate partner, colleague, someone we have regular dealings with, or even an individual that you meet in passing, we develop energetic cords. Now, these cords aren’t necessarily bad. They actually help us to form connection and understanding with one another.

When we are connected energetically, we perceive on a much deeper level and have the ability to tune into the energy of another. We are all energy beings; while we tend to interact with the world through our five physical senses, the truth is that our primary means of relating is energetically.

As we move through our lives — growing, learning, evolving — we must necessarily let go of that which no longer serves us. When we let go, we create space. This space is that of potential, of possibility.

Making The Transition By Letting Go

You can think of this like many small steps of transition. Each day we are evolving. Learning and growing beyond what we once were. Holding on to what was would prevent us from moving forward.

If we were to continue accumulating all of the left overs from every past thought, action and experience, we would be heavily weighted down by the burden of it all.

When we transition from one way of being to another, whether that is via relationship with another person or simply how we relate to life, it is necessary to let go of what is no longer helpful. In terms of relationship with others, we tend to hold onto much more than is healthy for us energetically, physically and even spiritually.

Cutting energy cords helps to move through transition without the burden of carrying the weight of the past. It frees us to move forward with lightness and a sense of openness.


Total Healing Package ($190)

The Total healing package (1hour and 20 minutes)

Includes: Crystal Healing, Reiki Session, Crystal Grid Facial, Sound Healing, Quantum Healing, Aura Cleanse, & recommended Crystal prescription.


Shamanic Life Coaching ($200 a month or $75 per session $ (includes 3 1.5 hour sessions per month)

What is Shamanic Life Coaching? Shamanic Life Coaching will guide you on a journey into yourself using creative art, connection with nature, energetic protection teachings, Crystal readings, and rituals that have been used for thousands of years to create greater harmony, health, and wellbeing. Restores wholeness with mind body and spirit by focusing on teaching you how to be present and connect to what is going on around you. In addition, there will be an emphasis on being able to listen to your body signals to learn how to eat intuitively, create boundaries, self-love, and so much more!

Some example activities include:

1.Nature Hikes with walking mediation

2. Sound Healing

3. Creating sacred space and bringing nature into our homes.

4. Ways to protect yourself from EMF’s

5. How to protect yourself and your home from negative energies.

6. Reiki sessions

7. Art projects (creating your own smudging feather, surrender box, mediation art, and more)

8. Learning all about your chakras

9. Choosing crystal, setting intentions, how to use, cleanse and charge.

$200 a month or $75 per session $ (includes 3 1.5 hour sessions per month)