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Water has incredible spiritual and healing properties that promote clearing and therefore allow those sparks to manifest and come into your conscious.
Water is also a powerful way to cleanse your aura, and here’s why.
The Spiritual Properties of Water
The Power of Negative Ions
Water is made up of negative ions. This is especially true when it comes to moving water like oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and showers. When we, humans, come into contact with negative ions, we naturally experience reduced stress, a heightened sense of bliss and increased energy.
Soothing Emotions 
Symbolically, water represents your emotions and the unconscious mind. Therefore just the sound of running water can promote a meditative state as water works to smooth and soothe emotions.  This relaxed state then opens you to great guidance from the higher realms, and insight into your own unconscious.
Water Holds Energy 
Because water is magnetically attractive, it can hold energy. This means that it will hold and carry your intentions and prayers.
The Healing Power of Water
Water has always been used in spiritual and religious rituals because of its deep power to heal. This about places like Lourdes, France where documented healings have occurred after a bath there.  Perhaps you’ve had the experience of soaking in natural hot springs or a cooling pool at the bottom of a waterfall?
Cleansing Negativity
In addition to washing away tangible dirt and grime, water can also wash you of negative energy. It absorbs what you carry easily and effectively, and helps wash away lower vibrations and energies you may have come in contact with.
The next time you come across a natural body of water, take a minute to splash some water on your face, arms, or feet and visualize the water refreshing and clearing your aura. The same works even if you’re not outside.  If you feel your stress rising, splash water on your face and imagine the stress (or any other negative emotion) being washed down the drain.

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